LSC: Going Green!

Revitalization Backstage pass

I love that our eco-friendly student body actively works toward going green where we can. Colorado State recently achieved the highest score ever reported to Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Reporting System, a national survey that measures sustainability efforts at universities around the country.  What’s great is that our student center is also being Re•vitalized in an eco-friendly manner.


Let’s see where the new LSC is going green.

-Low e-glass (window glass that has been treated with an invisible metal or metallic oxide coating, creating a surface that reflects heat, while allowing light to pass through) for better temperature regulation

-Electrochromic glass (aka smart glass) in the ballrooms for temperature and light regulation. Smart glass controls the amount of light and heat transmission, the glass changes from transparent to translucent, blocking some or all wavelengths of light.

-Massive overhaul of mechanical systems for more efficient heating and cooling

-Thermal insulation installed on all perimeter walls to reduce heating/cooling needs

-Construction waste recycling

-Energy efficient lighting (conserving energy throughout the LSC)

-Everything is low flow (toilets, sinks, etc) to reduce water usage

-Lighting control packages to reduce lights being left on

-Materials being installed are bought as close to Fort Collins as possible to reduce impact of trucking/ shipping to the project.


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