What Comes Around, Goes Around!

TTL PMC Baby - Blue Jeans Comparison
TTL PMC Baby – Blue Jeans Comparison (Photo credit: edwick)

I was hanging out with one of my buddies’ girlfriends (who is from London, England) and we were shopping for a few items at a local store.  She started noticing that all the women that were around, and noticed that they were wearing leggings (tights or long underwear bottoms/spandex) and some sort of shoes and shirt.



She asked me, “Is it normal for women in this country to wear pants with no trousers?” (For you all that don’t know this fact, in the UK; pants=underwear and trousers=pants).   Once that was cleared up, I explained that that was most definitely the norm and no one ever really questioned it. We then got into an conversation on how during the colder months of the year, girls will (on average, but not all women of course), wear leggings, and in the warmer parts of the year, they will wear sun dresses and short shorts.


Some point down the road of this conversation, we merged into fashion of the past and how things come back with given time. I explained that denim was all the rage in the fifties and early sixties, and about 5-8 years ago, denim started finding it’s way back into the fashion mainstream. All this along with certain types of haircuts, color schemes, and types of suits, pants, shoes and hats that were once all the rage and few of the fashion map eventually made their way back to the runways and department stores.


This was a very interesting and enthralling discussion, and we came to the realization that no matter what kind of fashion or accessory we would talk about, we knew it would come back in one form or the other. She explained to me that the U.K. was definitely different, but let’s face it- they usually are in most ways.


I guess what I’m getting at is this: whatever type of clothing you found tucked away in your basement or attic when you were in high school, on Christmas break back home this past semester, or handed down/ found in random spots that you think is extremely unfashionable, don’t get rid of it, because like it or not, it will be all the rage and back in demand before you know it. It might be in six months, 2 years or 10 minutes, but let’s face it, WHAT GOES AROUND,most definitely COMES AROUND!