Revitalization Equals Ram Pride

I’m proud to be a CSU Ram! Are you?

Your answer should be a solid “yes,” there’s so much about CSU and even the city of Fort Collins to take pride in. From our sports teams to our beautiful campus, this is truly an amazing place to be.Revitalization Backstage pass


Although the Lory Student Center is being Revitalized, it will easily be the buzz on campus when it’s finished. The Re•vitalization is a project that changes our whole campus, and we should take pride in it.

Not every university has the money or opportunity to incorporate a state of the art student center to their campuses. What’s going on around us is a big deal, and we should be confident with the Re•vitalization for the entire University.

The Lory Student Center will be a haven for all students. The new LSC will have great places to eat, work, socialize, and support or hold events. Its modern infrastructure and new technology will all be something to rave about for years to come.

Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about why you’re proud to be a Ram.  We are on a campus full of growth and change, keep the CSU spirit alive.

Keep tabs on the Re•vitalization here.