Vajazzling: Bedazzle Below the Belt

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Valentines Day is here and what better way to show the love than with some bling. Bedazzling is a steadfast trend that has made our clothes, phones and just about every possession shine a little brighter. These days you can bedazzle just about anything, even your nether regions. That’s right ladies and gents, you can now shine in a whole new way with “vajazzling.”


Vajazzling is the newest form of bedazzling and it’s become quite the rage. The spotlight turned to this new trend when celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt endorsed it on Lopez Tonight.

For those unfamiliar to this new trend in body art, the process is really quite simple. No needles The canvas, so to speak, is waxed bare so that a crystal design of your choice can be laid out. The design can be laid out jewel by jewel or a pre-designed jewel tattoo can be applied for a lower price tag. Lasting anywhere from one week to two, you can consider this your newest fashion accessory, no needles involved.

The pioneer of vajazzling is said to be Completely Bare Salon in New York City. Cindy Barshop, a hair removal expert and star of Bravo’s hit TV show The Real Housewives of New York City, founded the upscale salon.

Prices range anywhere from $10 to upward of $100. If you’re wanting to go all in you can receive the procedure complementary with the purchase of a Brazilian wax.

Bling on your girl thing not for you? Don’t worry you have options. Completely Bare Salon has expanded, offering some new forms of embellishment. Show your wild side with the ‘Carnivale’ bikini wax, which replaces jewels with brightly colored feathers. Or opt for a slyer look with the ‘Foxy’ bikini wax featuring faux fox hair.

New York City is a bit of a trip, so for those ladies looking to get some Valentines Day bling of their own, simply visit The Screamin’ Peach waxing studio. With two locations open seven days a week you are bound to find some time to visit. The Screamin Peach offers their own version of vajazzling called VaBling. Employee Brittany says the service comes in at a budget friendly $12 and allows you to choose from a variety of designs.

So if you’re on the market for a new accessory, look no further. Vajazzling is the latest and greatest in body art. Whether or not you choose to celebrate your valentines day with some bedazzle below the belt is up to you.


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