8 Things You Do When You Walk Into A Big Lecture Hall

We all know that there are certain things everyone does after walking into a giant lecture hall on campus- it’s a big room, and it can get pretty awkward pretty fast.



1. Pretend like you own the place.



2. Find the hottest guy/girl in the room and sit next to them.


3. Pretend like your phone is blowing up with texts because of how incredibly popular you are…

giphy (2)


…and really just hope that anyone, even your mom, will send you something.



4. Realize you’ve picked the squeakiest chair in the room…

giphy (4)



…and unsuccessfully attempt to maneuver to another seat.

giphy (6)


5. Glance at the door every time someone comes in, hoping it’s someone you know.

giphy (7)


And when it isn’t, pretend like you don’t care.









6. Catch yourself staring at someone after getting lost in a daydream.


7. Push away all thoughts of leaving the room before the professor arrives so he doesn’t see you trying to make a break for it.


8. When all is said and done, you’re there for class, anyway.  Just make sure you’re prepared when the teacher mentions the words “group work”.