4 U.S. presidents if they were Colorado State students

Correction: The original post did not mean to target or generalize the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity or associate them with President John Kennedy or any other implied associations. Their name has been replaced with a fictional fraternity name. 

We don’t get school off for President’s Day, so we decided to put the Presidents in school. Below are four former Commander-in-chief’s as if they were CSU students.


Photo Illustrations done by: Keegan Williams

President Abraham Lincoln

“The honest student who would never plagiarize.”

Major: Philosophy

Favorite Class: Phil 34o – Social and Political Philosophy

Housing: A cabin in Laporte, frequent camper at Horsetooth

President George Washington

“Dollah dollah bill ya’ll.”


Major: History

Favorite Class: Hist 343 – Early U.S. Republic

Housing: Aspen Hall

President John Kennedy 

“He’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t text you back.”

Major: Business

Favorite Class: Bus 260 – Social-Ethical-Regulatory Issues in Business

Housing: Sigma Tau Alpha Beta Omega Omega i house

President Thomas Jefferson

“Brewing hops makes for brewing thoughts.”

Major: Micro biologist, specializing in brewing with a minor in philosophy

Favorite Class: FTEC 460 – Brewing Science and Technology

Housing: A trendy apartment in Old Town