Seize the moment

Sometimes it’s not the people you miss, but the place. Of course, you miss and love everyone, but sometimes it’s the place that you have the long-distance relationship with.  When people say “home is where the heart is”, well, the place we come from is where our heart is. I’ve talked to multiple people, and they’ve all told me that even though they miss and love everyone back home, sometimes the very place they come from is what they miss. It’s the food that we’re used to, local attractions, malls, local shops, beach, mountains, etc. For me, I miss all of the food that only California has. I miss the restaurants I used to go to. I miss the beach, my parks, and tide pools. I miss the malls and boutiques we used to have. I miss the clothing brands they only sell in California.

It’s not just the materialistic things either. Everyone misses seeing the sights we used to see on a regular basis. Even buildings we’ve never been into: it’s the simple act of seeing them every day when you drive or walk past them. Although the clouds and the sunset are the same, the sky also looks different in different places, even if the whole sky is connected.


So sometimes it’s not just about missing the people you love, it’s also about missing the place you love. It’s familiar, and it’s home. Just the act of being there can make you feel better. I guess that’s why they call it “homesick.” Sometimes it actually does make you feel physically ill because you miss it so much. I’ve witnessed this with several people already. It always makes it harder to focus on other things when all you can focus on is going home.

At the same time, a wise guy from Arkansas once told me, “You just gotta make the most of it. You’ll end up loving it. Just don’t dwell on the past, but cherish it. Keep moving forward.”

The moral of the story here is to make sure that even though you’re homesick, you still have to make the best of the situation you have right now. Throw yourself into all different kinds of activities and clubs. Try new things, and put yourself out there. Meet new people because who knows if you’ll end up meeting your future bridesmaids or future husband? At the end of the day, you’ll be able to go back home eventually, but for now, Fort Collins is your home. And what your experience is, is what you end up making of it.

So always remember to seize the moment, and make it a moment to remember.