New York Model Protection Laws Go Into Effect

Over the years, as we’ve been watching the runway shows in cities like New York, we’ve been noticing how the models walking in the show have been getting younger and younger. The earliest that a model can start walking in New York Fashion Week is age 16. Heck, Kendall Jenner has walked in a fashion show in New York!

As of Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed a bill into effect which recognized underage models as child performers. The details of this law are the same as actors, where they have limitations on the number of hours they can work.


The law was proposed and passed in June, pushed for by industry leaders such as the Model Alliance, a watchdog organization for modeling in the fashion industry. They have pushed for increased rights for child models, along with model Coco Rocha who has first-hand experience as an over-demanded child model.

A child model in a spread for Cadeaux magazine


This law, coming into effect in New York 30 days from now, should offer more protection for models under 18. If a designer wishes to use a model under 18, they have to submit paperwork, monitor hours, offer tutoring, chaperons and trust accounts. For New York designers, this will effect the February 2014 shows. If a designers fails to comply with these laws, they will be slapped with thousands of dollars in fees.

Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea?