CSU students pay less living off-campus

According to a basic estimate conducted by Off-Campus Life, a housing resource for CSU students, the cost of living on-campus is more expensive than the cost of living off-campus. Calculations for the cheapest off-campus housing estimates $734 including rent, utilities, cable/internet and food where as the cheapest on-campus housing estimates $1,215 with everything included.

According to Mitch Reynolds, a residence life employee and senior real estate major, it does not make a difference in cost for in-state or out-of-state students to live on-campus; however, room style does affect price and students are required to purchase a minimum meal plan.


“They are required to have a meal plan,” said Reynolds. “There are a minimum of ten meals per week. They can also buy their own groceries each week and there are community kitchens in each hall.”

Although Reynolds works for residence life, he has always lived off-campus.

“I have a mortgage, I own my place,” said Reynolds. “I used to pay my mom rent but ever since I’ve been a CSU student I’ve had a mortgage. I have one roommate, she pays $450. It’s a two bedroom, one shared bathroom everything is included.”

Former marketing major and CSU Alumni Tori Schneider lived on-campus for one year before relocating to an apartment off campus.

“I lived on campus just my freshmen year, I moved off as a sophomore,” said Schneider. “There were a couple reasons mostly because it was too expensive. I couldn’t tell you exactly (the price difference)  because paying to live on-campus I had student loans and my parents were loaning me money for that so it cost me out of pocket substantially more when I moved off-campus but overall it was substantially cheaper.”

Students moving off-campus must consider the cost of paying rent, utilities, food, gas and parking.

“When I first moved out of the dorms, I was paying close to $500 a month. Now I’m probably paying closer to $400 a month,” said Schneider. “That includes food, rent, utilities and gas (student loans not included).”

Fort Collins offers many off-campus housing opportunities. The Grove at Campus Crest is a proposed off-campus student housing designed to fit the needs and lifestyles of young adults. According to Consultant and tenant Kendall Killpey, the cheapest housing available at the Grove is $580 with everything included.

Rams Pointe offers off-campus housing apartments. According to tenant and employee Nilan Patel, the cheapest housing available is $490. This includes furniture and utilities; however, excludes gas and electric.

The consensus among majority CSU students is that it makes sense financially to live off-campus.


“As long as you’re resourceful it’s been cheaper to live off-campus than on-campus,” said Schneider.