Start paying attention to the man behind the curtain

Though the Colorado Rockies have not been great the past two years, their big-name players are still big name. Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton, Carlos Gonzales, and even Dexter Fowler, with his goofy smile.

But another, admittedly less well-known name has been the power house behind the Rockies recent offense, albeit limited.


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Rockies right fielder, Michael Cuddyer has been positively studly the past week. He has 11 hits for 26 at bats for a .423 average, 3 doubles and 6 RBIs.

Despite getting nailed in the forearm on Sunday, Cuddyer has been the Rockies most consistent player in the (admittedly execrable) series against Houston, and thus far against the Dodgers.

Cuddyer gained popularity fast in Colorado, both in the locker room and with fans for his positive demeanor and leadership. Helton and his beard remain the top authority in the Rockies dugout, but the 34-year-old Cuddyer is a close second.

After last year’s season was lost mid-summer, the abomination of a season was remedied only by the pleasant personalities the Rockies’ roster boasts.

Though I am confident that this season could not possibly be as bad as the last, Cuddy’s passion for the game, strength at bat and in the outfield, combined with his amiable blue eyes make for a happier experience.

Hopefully, the rest of his teammates, especially in the bullpen, rise to the occasion, so that his exceptional performance doesn’t stand out quite as much.

Even with the recent slump, the Rockies have exceeded pre-season predictions, which had the Rockies finishing last in the NL West. They currently sit in third, just two games behind the first place Diamondbacks, one behind the Giants.

With the leadership of Helton and Cuddyer continuing to shape the crop of younger players, there is hope for the Rockies yet.