Photographing a President

Welcome. As a photojournalist working for the Collegian my job has had its ups and downs, long long hours, and even less pay. However events such as this, are the reason why I have this job, and what makes being a photographer so great.

I waited in the media line for thirty seconds, got searched by the secret service, and was through security in under a minute. Twenty minutes prior to that, I had walked the entire line with a Go-PRO camera for a time lapse of the days events. The line itself took me 15 minutes to walk from the start to the end. At the end of Obama’s speech we received an email from the Obama campaign office, that an estimated 13,000 people were in attendance. Which is no where near his last visit which drew around 50,000. Regardless it’s crazy to think that one guy can get this many people to line up for hours on end, just to be able to see a tiny black speck in the distance. That being said, it makes my job so much awesome to have opportunities to be so close in events like this.

Thanks for stopping by. The photos below are all taken by me, and are copyrighted by the Rocky Mountain Collegian. Check back soon for more posts