DIY T-Shirt Dress

Okay, so for my first DIY blog I chose to make something timely. In preparation for the Rocky Mountain Showdown, some friends and I decided we wanted to make some cute CSU gear. We chose dresses. To make an easy, and cute dress, all we did was head down to Wal-Mart and buy some cheap t-shirts in sizes L or XL (for the length). First I will show one dress, a little more complicated, with some slight sewing involved. It has a braided back, with halter top front.

1.Start with a Large or Extra Large tee.


2.Cut the sleeves and collar off of the shirt.

3. Flip the t-shirt so the backside is facing you. Now, cut the back shorter, to make it more of a razor back look. You can make this area as wide or as skinny as you would prefer.

4. Now, simply cut the back section into three different sections these can be as long as you would like. Just remember, the farther down you cut, the lower the back will be open, showing more skin in the back.

5. Next, braid the three sections. This is where the sewing comes in, after the braid is completed, just sew the braid back onto the t-shirt. And now you should be finished!

Here is the front view:

And the view from the back:


Now, for those of you college student who prefer no-sew; this next dress is for you. It is very simple and always looks cute. The first step is the same as the one above.

1. Start with a large t-shirt.

2. Now, when putting the t-shirt on, slip your head, and both arms through the head hole. This leaves the arms unfilled, hanging at your sides. If the head hole is a little tight around the chest, cut a small V-slit to let your chest get some air.

3. Now, simply pull the empty arms behind your back and tie them in a knot. That’s it. You have a cute dress made out of a large t-shirt.

Front view:

Back view:

I hope the directions were simple enough. More DIY projects to come. Enjoy!