Onion’s “Sex House” a Real Big Brother Horror

(Es)sex House
(Es)sex House (Photo credit: joncoxphoto.com)

Random sexy singles ready to tangle their bits and pieces together is the greatest plot line for a TV show. We love The Bachelor, Big Brother, The Real World, and that one show where they tempted people into adultery while their spouses watched. So the booze-ridden copulation parties continue.

The Onion started “Sex House” this summer on Youtube as a satire of America’s fascination with staged prime time love-making. It puts six people in a house with the goal of doing the dirty all day, every day for three months for the enjoyment of the country and the producers.


Like the rules of the house, nothing is off-limits for the writers to twist into the hallucinations of a recovering heroin addict. It starts off with reality show archetypes like Erin the prude and frat bro Jay, but immediately breaks the stereotypes. Tombstone Pizza contest winner Frank is genuinely off-putting due to him being 45 and a father of two, and Derek is stuck as the only homosexual who doubts the house from the start.

The brilliance of the series is that the contestants catch on to the sham of the house, then it turns into Jersey Shore meets Saw. Except this cast grows on you like the mold that the Sex House accumulates. It gets better when the frustrated host puts on his plastic smile to force the malnourished cast into leather-clad photos and feeds them drug-laced water.

All of the crass humor and sadistic plot lines are a reflection of the desperate television climate that grasps for ratings over content. The Bachelor continues after 16 seasons with only three successful partnerships. Snooki’s pregnancy didn’t stop MTV from filming. Sex House may seem extreme, but it has to be with the regurgitated “reality” overload.

Sex House is every Thursday until the cast is either dead or released. Ironically, the views for the latest episode are only past 100,000. Those producers better try harder.