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If literary characters were CSU students

More often than not, when reading a book, you will find a character that you can relate to on some level. No one would want to read books if they couldn’t find something about them relatable. Tolkien had to know that very few people would finish the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and say to their friends “He nailed it man, that is exactly what my walk to Mordor was like,” so he had to give Frodo and Sam traits that readers of all ages would be able to grasp on to, and I’m not just talking about their hairy feet.

So going off that I started to think about what certain literary characters would be like if they were college students. Not just any college students either, but students at CSU. What would their majors be? What dorm were they in freshman year? I know when I was fourteen I definitely thought I would be friends with Holden Caulfield, but would I actually be friends with him if he were a real person? I’m not sure about that one yet because I did not include him in this list, but here are a few familiar names I imagine to be on the CSU class of 2016 roster.



Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen is an out of state student from a small town in the Appalachian Mountains no one has ever heard of. She has never been this far away from home before, but she got a scholarship she couldn’t possibly pass up and deep down needed a bit of adventure. She chose Colorado State University because she wanted to be in a place that fostered an outdoorsy lifestyle. Katniss plans to return home after college so she is a Natural Resources Management major based both off practicality and general interest. She isn’t quite sure what she wants to do career wise after graduation.

When filling out the housing forms, Katniss put a corner room in Durward or Westfall as her top choice. The idea of community bathrooms doesn’t phase her and she thought she might enjoy one of the top floors since it would almost be like sleeping in a tree. She wanted a corner room because, while she has shared a room with her younger sister her entire life, thinks she might need some time alone in this new environment. She is absolutely entranced by the dining halls, especially Academic Village, and can’t understand why anyone would get sick of dorm food. She decides not to join any clubs because she wants to focus on her studies and feels like she isn’t at college to make friends, but to get an education. She is surprised when the people on her floor genuinely seem to like her and ask her to hang out on the weekends. She is especially surprised when two boys from her floor start to show an interest in her, although boys were never her strong suit so she chooses to ignore them. After her freshman year she decides to be a Resident Advisor and lives in the dorms all four years acting as a mentor for younger students. She graduates with honors.


Ron Weasley

Ron wasn’t sure he wanted to go to college but his long time girlfriend filled out all of his applications for him and when he got accepted into a few schools he decided he might as well give it a shot. He chose to go to the school that all of his older brothers had gone to before him because he liked the familiarity that came with it. He also liked the fact that CSU was close enough to home that he could go visit his family on holidays, but far enough away that his mother couldn’t just drop in on him. He and his girlfriend decided to try a long distance relationship after she got accepted to an Ivy League school, it would be hard, but they could work through it.

Ron didn’t really care about which dorm he lived in, but he was placed in Corbett Hall which always seemed to have the most people milling around and was the same hall all of his brothers had lived in. It only took him about five minutes to become best friends with his roommate and surprisingly enough they had registered for all the same classes. Ron is a Liberal Arts major because he has no idea what he wants to do for work and figured Liberal Arts was the best way to get a little taste of everything and avoid Math at the same time. While he and his roommate goof off a bit more than they should, Ron miraculously finds a way to pass his exams every semester and even Skype his girlfriend at least three times a week. He joins an intramural team with some other guys on his floor just for fun and because his roommate is one of the school’s star athletes and he felt like he should at least do something. Something besides building blanket forts in the forbidden section of the Morgan Library, that is.



Romeo Montague

Romeo is a European study abroad student in his third year of University. Right before he left to go abroad, his girlfriend broke up with him and the pain is still fresh. He spends most of his E 242 (Reading Shakespeare) class composing sonnets in her honor and most of his nights in his dorm room blasting Adele’s “Someone Like You” on repeat. That is, until he met a cute freshman girl at the Alley Cat late one night. Since meeting her he has spent many nights outside of Durell Express yelling proclamations of his love at her 10th floor Westfall window. Romeo also stood on the stump in the plaza a few times when he knew she would be walking to the LSC to get coffee in between classes.

Romeo’s studies became less important causing his grades to drop significantly. His parents blamed this on his new romance and thus prohibited him from seeing her, which of course only made them spend more time together. Besides, what his parents don’t know won’t hurt them right? Romeo and his new girlfriend knew they had found something real, so they desperately tried to find a solution for them to stay together after Romeo’s year abroad ended. They both met with their advisors and Romeo’s helped him apply to transfer permanently to CSU while his girlfriend’s suggested she study abroad at Romeo’s home university. They both made these decisions without consulting each other and unknowingly forced themselves apart.


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