Off-Campus Life, CSU Public Safety encourage ‘Halloweekend’ safety

Matthew Bailey

Halloween weekend hits campus and students may be deciding which parties to attend, or students hosting parties may be putting final touches on party plans. Colorado State University’s Public Safety Team, CSU and Fort Collins Police Services and CSU Off-Campus Life remind students to be cautious and careful this “Halloweekend.”

According to Student Conduct, recorded during Halloween weekend since 2014, the number of reported student conduct cases steadily increased each year.


There were 98 student conduct cases reported between Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, 2014, 129 cases reported between Oct. 29 to Nov. 2, 2015 and 156 cases reported between Oct. 27 to Nov. 1, 2016. Seven percent of all student conduct cases reported during the 2016 fall semester came from Halloween weekend.

The CSU Public Safety Team sent an email to CSU students Thursday, Oct. 26 regarding the risks associated with “Halloweekend,” and tips that students can follow to ensure personal safety.

In the email, the Public Safety Team defines consent and reminds students about the increased risk of sexual misconduct and sexual assault during Halloween weekend. The email explained, in a broader sense, over 50 percent of college sexual assaults take place between August and November.

The email also specifically addresses crime, saying that poor student conduct includes “alcohol infractions, sexual misconduct, physical assault, vandalism, false IDs, obstructing a peace officer and public urination.”

Public Safety encouraged students to act if something does not seem right, use a buddy system, leave a party if it becomes out of control, ask for help if needed and seek help through “Tell Someone” if a person is worried about a friend.

Fort Collins Police Officer Shane Cundall offered his safety tips in a video featured on Off-Campus Life’s Facebook page.

“First, don’t be spooked by police showing up at your house Halloween night,” Cundall said in the video. “Second, be a good neighbor. If you won’t be home, or are not going to be passing out candy, make sure the light in front of your house is turned off. If you plan on passing out safe candy, turn your front light on and be friendly.”

If party goers are unable to comply with the Unreasonable Noise Ordinance, which is in effect 24 hours a day, then a noise citation of $1,000 will be issued to the person hosting the party. The citation can be avoided if the party is registered through the Off-Campus Life office, but registration for Halloweekend parties expired at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, Oct 26.

“Third, use RamRide on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights,” Cundall said. “Do not risk getting behind the wheel of a car if you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. There is no excuse to endanger your life and the lives of others. Represent CSU well.”

Additionally, the Off-Campus Life office issued a series of 15 tips on partying smart to those who registered their parties. These tips are designed to guide student hosts toward holding responsible parties and attendees toward keeping a cautious mindset.


Courtesy of Off-Campus Life
  • register the party
  • discuss party expectations
  • notify neighbors in advance
  • designate a sober host
  • think before posting on social media
  • know the difference between unreasonable noise and nuisance gatherings
  • do not engage in riots
  • follow the Social Host Ordinance
  • do not provide alcohol or marijuana to minors
  • keep a reasonable party size
  • be proactive by asking for help
  • be cooperative
  • clean up trash
  • know that actions have impact

Overall, the Public Safety Team, CSU and Fort Collins police departments and CSU Off-Campus Life office encourage students to have fun over the weekend, but remind students to stay safe, make wise choices and remember that Rams take care of Rams.

Collegian reporter Matt Bailey can be reached at or on Twitter @mattnes1999