Author and archaeologist to speak about lost city of Honduras

Abby Currie

Colorado State University Archaeology professor Chris Fisher worked on archaeological sites spanning from Angamuco, the pre-Hispanic city of Michoacán Mexico, to the lost city in the tropical forests of Honduras.

Fisher will talk about his work in Honduras, alongside bestselling author Douglas Preston. on Oct. 20 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in Colorado State University’s Behavioral Sciences Building in room A101.


The public lecture will also consist of Douglas Preston’s book signing for “The Lost City of the Monkey God.”

According to Fisher, they discovered a large city in Honduras in 2007 and that resulted in quite a bit of press. At that point he agreed to participate in the project.

The site was in the North-Eastern tropics of Honduras; according to Fisher the site was very wild and uninhabited.

“In 2015, we spent 10 days in a jungle only accessible by helicopter; it was pretty intense,” Fisher said.

Preston joined Fisher on the archaeological adventure in order to write his book. According to Fisher, Preston is best-known for his fiction, but experimented with non-fiction while in Honduras.

“He was a direct observer of the archaeology and the other work done in those 10 days or so,” Fisher said.

While on site, Preston took notes on what was happening. After the project, Preston returned to the States and wrote his book the following year.

According to Fisher, during the event on Friday, Preston will talk about the context of his book and his experience in the jungle.

Fisher himself will talk about the archeology of the sites. This includes exhibition surveys and remote sensing, which, according to Fisher, play into the discovery of settlements.

“I think it will be interesting for people to learn about the area,” Fisher said.


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