Eleven injured after attack at Ohio State University

Rachel Telljohn

A man drove his car onto the sidewalk and into a group of students, before leaping from the vehicle with a butcher knife, at Ohio State University on Monday.

Eleven people were injured, according to an article from the Associated Press. The suspect was shot to death by a police officer.


Most were injured because of the car, but at least two people were injured from the stabbing. According to AP, one of the injured had a fractured skull.

The shelter-in-place warning on the campus was lifted by Monday afternoon, according to AP. Students had been advised to run, hide or fight after having been alerted to an active shooter presence via tweets from the university.

The campus police officer, Alan Horujko, shot the suspect in less than one minute after responding quickly due to close proximity. Horujko was responding to a gas leak on campus when the suspect’s car drove up onto the sidewalk.

The suspect, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was an Ohio State student, born in Somalia and a legal permanent resident of the United States. Artan is a Somali refugee, according to BBC.

According to AP, there was an interview with Artan in the school newspaper that identified him as Muslim. Artan was hoping to find a place to pray and worship openly on campus.

Whether or not the attack was a terrorist attack is currently being investigated by police, according to BBC. The FBI has joined the investigation as well.

“I think we have to consider that it is (a terrorist attack),” Police Chief Kim Jacobs said in an interview with BBC.

There has been increased concern about attacks such as a this from federal law enforcement, according to AP, as knifings or car attacks are easier to accomplish than bombings.

Public school districts nearby in Columbus were placed on lockdown Monday. The Ohio State campus was declared safe just hours after the attack. Classes were cancelled the remainder of the day.

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