Q&A with U.S. Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn

U.S. Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn participated in the first Colorado Senate debate, Saturday, Sept.10. Glenn did well in the republican primary against four other candidates, winning the GOP nomination with 37 percent of the vote. He said he prides himself on being a Christian Constitutional Conservative. Glenn talked about his conservative policies and views at a recent Republican event in Elbert County, Colorado.


Q and A with U.S. Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn

Collegian: In regards to the Black Lives Matter movement, you’ve said all lives matter. Would you mind just expanding on that?

Glenn: I think it’s important that we bring all people together to talk about this. We should use that as an opportunity to get together. When it becomes that all lives matter is somehow offensive to one group or another, that just shows you that we really need to have more time talking about that.

Collegian: You’re unapologetically Christian. Would you mind just telling me how that plays into your politics?

Glenn: Well, I tell people I want them to understand my statement of faith. I’m not using that to recruit anybody, but I want to show them that you have a first amendment right to be bold and brave about who and what you are. And I’ve seen this administration feel like they’ve suppressed that vote; feel like they have to hold back instating what they believe in. And I’m trying to remind you that it’s ok to say, to be proud of, who and what you are.

Collegian: You’ve also said that you’d like to do away with the Department of Education. Are you at all concerned that in doing that, you would be removing funding from under-funded schools and different special needs programs?

Glenn: You know, they’ve stretched that statement. What needs to happen is that I’m not advocating that we cut any money from education. What I believe is it should be sent back to the states, because state control of those dollars is what’s important. And I believe when we start working the state and the local parents and community, and give them choices and opportunities, they have a better way of using those dollars. When people say I just want to cut education, that’s not correct. I want to bring it back to where it’s more logically managed.

Collegian: You’re pro-life. Are you pro-life in all circumstances; rape and incest?

Glenn: I know that that’s a difficult issue, and what I try to tell people is yes, I’m pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception. I believe women should also have access to birth control. But you know, we tend to take the bait. Because what it happening, is that we’re being painted as extremists. What people need to understand; Senator Bennett’s policy would allow abortions up to the time of delivery. That’s really where the issue and discussion needs to occur. So when he’s really willing to have that discussion, then we can really talk about those options.

Collegian: As a Senator, would you look into defunding Planned Parenthood?


Glenn: When you look at what’s happening with that, I think that that’s something that the majority of people should be able to agree that that’s not acceptable. Planned Parenthood should not have a monopoly on women’s healthcare issues. There are more agencies out there that can do that. But what needs to happen – is their funding should be removed pending an investigation. Because there’s enough information out there that’s alarming to me.

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