CSU discontinues “Trombone Suicide” marching band tradition

Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

The Colorado State University Marching Band will suspend the routine popularly know as the “trombone suicides,” according to University officials.

In the routine, trombone players line up shoulder-to-shoulder and alternate swinging their instrument and ducking.


“The marching band faculty and the director of the school of music, theater and dance, had reviewed some concerns about the safety of students in the band routine known as Trombone No. 5,” said Gary Ozzello, CSU vice president for external relations.

The review ended in suspension.

A few years ago the name of the routine officially changed to Trombone No. 5, to be more appropriate, but the performance has been a marching band tradition since 1995.

Current members of the marching band said they were unable to comment because of a contract restriction.

However, some student fans said they find the change unnecessary.

“If someone got hurt that’s the risk you run,” said Jose Diaz, sophomore business marketing major. “They should just keep doing it anyway. It’s tradition at this point and everyone else does it.”

Senior English Linguistic major Austin McKenzie said he found the suspension to be unwarranted.

“If you screw up and hurt someone that’s kind of a lack of skill, just like cheerleading or football,” McKenzie said.

Members of the University would not confirm a specific instance that led to the suspension.


Ozzello said the marching band’s top priority was safety of their players.

“We’re always cognizant of any and all safety concerns and continually review anything related to our program to address any issues,” Ozzello said.

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