All businesses and multi-family complexes to have recycling by 2020, City Council decides

Fort Collins should expect to see a boost in recycling, following a City Council meeting this Tuesday.

The City Council unanimously approved several revisions to the city’s Community Recycling Ordinace with little discussion.


All businesses and multi-family complexes in the city will have recycling services available to them by 2020, and trash-hauling companies will be allowed to charge for the service.

The topic was initially brought up at a City Council work session on June 28, but was shelved until September 6.

While haulers will be able to use a surcharge on family’s monthly bills based on business expenses, single-family resident customers will be offered curb side recycling with no normal additional cost.

Haulers will not be required to charge a surcharge, though it would likely run around $3 to $4, depending on the market.

The City Council decision was the result of over a year of discussions between city staff, community members and local haulers in the city’s goal of generating no waste by 2030, according an article by the Coloradoan.

A 100 percent increase in hauler charges is expected to encourage residents to throw away less trash. Previously, the city mandated $13 a month to pick up a small trash container, a $26 for a medium size and a $39 charge for a large container.

The city plans on educating the public on recycling.

The update also requires haulers to provide optional, seasonal yard trimmings services to single-family homes for an addition charge by April 2017.

The update also means that Fort Collins residents are now paying for recycling, regardless if they use it.

Fort Collins’ Road to Zero Waste plan projects that 75 percent of waste materials will be diverted from landfills by 2020 and 90 percent by 2025.


Collegian reporter Tony Villalobos May can be reached online at or on Twitter @TonyTheGnary.