You @ CSU becomes available for all students

Colorado State University launched a confidential health portal for all CSU students: You@CSU. This website contains several resources for students to “succeed, thrive, and matter,” according to the CSU Health Network.

The portal launched last spring, but became available to all students and heavily promoted during the first week of the fall semester.


The portal was created because the counseling center could not care for all the students in need, said Kyle Thornburg, director of campus programming for Grit Digital Health and CSU journalism alumnus.

According to the You@CSU website, the portal is a “path to self-exploration that connects students… to personalized resources, whenever and wherever, to help make the most of your college experience.”

Once a student signs up at using their Ram e-mail, they have easy access to ‘Reality Check,’ short quizzes that help personalize the type of resources that are available for the particular student. The portal provides life lessons along with facts and tips to help a student with their physical and mental health, provide courses and improve their social lives.

The site aims to help students establish goals for college life and keep track of their progress in order to reach them.

Manager of Mental Health Initiatives, Janelle Patrias, was directly involved in developing the You@CSU program. Patrias said that the portal helps students accomplish their goals.

“All students should use You@CSU,” said Janelle Patrias, Manager of Mental Health Initiatives. “It’s designed so that students can use it as often as they would like.”

You@CSU was created for students to use the service frequently, Patrias said.

The site is mobile compatible, so students can access everything on the go, Patrias said. However, an app for the platform has not been launched.

Joe Conrad, founder and CEO of Cactus, a marketing and advertisement agency, became involved and utilized, a site targeted toward college-aged men.

The website was tested with students at CSU, however, Thornburg said the platform did not target enough students and therefore was not effective in helping the CSU student population. The website is no longer being targeted to the CSU community, and instead, You@CSU was created to be more inclusive of CSU students.


Paige Beaufort, CSU alumna who helped with the launching of You@CSU as her senior project, now interns at Grit Digital Health, the team that developed the portal.

While Beaufort was taking public relations classes, she provided assistance in developing promotional efforts for You@CSU. She was also one of the students to beta test the website before it officially launched.

As part of her job at Grit Digital Health, Beaufort said she is focusing on ensuring that the “site [is] as relevant as possible, as organized as possible.”

The platform may be sold to other institutions in the future, but CSU will be able to use the portal at no cost due to the partnership between Grit Digital Health and CSU.

Students can access the site at Identities of students are encrypted and the University does not track student’s individual use of the portal, in order to create a confidential experience.

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