CSU Alumnus Reed Saunders to be part of Broncos game days

Tony Villalobos

Edit: 8/18/2016 The previous headline (“CSU Alumnus to be new voice of Mile High Stadium”) was inaccurate and may still appear on some links.  As stated below, Reed Saunders will not be the main announcer of Mile High Stadium and will be one of several announcers.

Colorado State University Alumnus Reed Saunders is the booming voice heard at Colorado Rockies games, and he is about to enter the world of football.


Announcer Reed Saunders will begin working at Mile High Stadium this fall with the Broncos football team. Saunders will be a Public Address 2 announcer; voicing activities such as pregame, time with fans, halftime specials and prerecorded work.

“It’s exciting new territory,” Saunders said. ”To be involved and asked to be part of the Broncos family is exciting for me.”

Saunders was one of four finalists for the PA 2 position, and will begin working on September 8, for the Broncos-Panthers game.

Sports announcing isn’t a new skill for Saunders. He worked as the main announcer for the Colorado Eagles Hockey Team at the Budweiser Event Center and with the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team at Coors Field for years.

Saunders began his announcer experience as a student at CSU where he received his undergraduate degree in technical journalism. Saunders started working for the athletics department with an internship. He was later asked to be an announcer for the softball team during his freshman year. Saunders began writing for the student-run Rocky Mountain Collegian covering the sports beat during his senior year of college, adding to his career in sports journalism.

From the softball field, Saunders eventually began announcing for the CSU volleyball team.

“I found my niche. And I think that’s what college is all about,” Saunders said.

Since graduating from CSU in 2003, Saunders has worked for the Colorado Eagles as their primary announcer and has been the Voice of Coors Field for 10 years.

“That was a life-changing moment when the eagles hired me,” Saunders said.

With a total of 281 people who applied for the announcer position at Coors Field, Saunders said there was a lot of competition. 


“A good PA announcer brings the proper tone for each event. Sets the atmosphere for the event,” Saunders said. “It’s worked out beautifully. Each is a little different and they each bring different challenges and they each set a different tone”

Saunders credits his opportunities at CSU for beginning his career path. Saunders has remained in communication with several staff members at CSU and his voice can be occasionally heard during prerecorded segments at school sporting events.

“I really thank the experiences that set me on my path and helped me find my niche,” Saunders said. “The skills I learned transcend any career path.”

While announcing is his trade of choice, Saunders also works full time at Outfront Media. Saunders is also married and has two children.

“I’m forever indebted and grateful for the opportunity that was given to me at Colorado State,” Saunders said.

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