Construction to close Lincoln Avenue July through fall 2017

Julia Rentsch

Lincoln Avenue will close beginning in July for a two-part construction project. (Photo by Natalie Dyer).
Beginning in July, Lincoln Avenue will be closed for a redesign construction project. (Photo by Natalie Dyer).

Construction will begin on Lincoln Avenue next month, marking the start of a two-phase redesign project slated for completion in fall of 2017.

The first phase will include improvements along Lincoln between 1st Street and Lemay Avenue, and the second phase will replace the Poudre River Bridge and the road between the bridge and 1st Street.


The section of Lincoln between 1st and Lemay will be closed between mid-summer 2016 and fall 2017; the section from 1st Street up to and including the bridge will be closed from fall 2016 to fall 2017. 

A goal of this project, which came out of the Lincoln Corridor Plan, is to create a unique identity for the street by re-envisioning it with a multi-modal design. The project team wants to improve mobility and safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and vehicles while creating an environment where local businesses can thrive. 

The project also aims to implement various neighborhood improvement projects laid out in the Lincoln Corridor Plan, such as way-finding improvements, alley improvements, neighborhood art and park improvements. 

Image courtesy of the City of Fort Collins via the Lincoln Corridor Plan.

The portion of the project that concerns the bridge aims to connect the first phase of the Lincoln update to the downtown, and to update the bridge so that it “provides the necessary mobility but also minimizes impacts to the adjacent river corridor while enhancing flood control and river function,” according to the City of Fort Collins website.

According to the Lincoln Corridor Plan, which was conceived in May 2014, the new Lincoln will be recognized as a “Great Street,” an active and vibrant destination that celebrates Fort Collins’ history and is a model for sustainability. The estimated total budget for this project is $11.9 million.

“We look forward to working with the local businesses and property owners during construction to minimize construction impacts and maximize project success,” said Brad Buckman, the project manager.

Buckman said that during the second phase in which the bridge is closed, access to the Poudre River Trail will be slightly altered, and they are currently working on plans to redirect traffic. Access to businesses on Lincoln, such as Odell Brewing and Fort Collins Brewery, will not be interrupted during construction. 

The City of Fort Collins will host an informational open house for residents to learn about upcoming improvements being made to Lincoln Avenue from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 22, at the City of Fort Collins Streets Facility at 625 9th Street.

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