Pineda Soracá’s ASCSU budget approved, officially sworn in

Erin Douglas

The Associated Students of Colorado State University senate approved 2016-2017 President Daniela Pineda Soracá’s budget for next year Wednesday night. The budget allocates the organization’s approximate $2.5 million in student fees.

The budget increased budgets for the ASCSU supreme court, the senate general, health, state and local policy, traditions and programming, environmental affairs and university affairs. The budget decreased payroll and outreach.


Pineda Soraca and Lensky embrace after officially taking office. Photo by Abbie Parr.
Pineda Soracá and Lensky embrace after officially taking office. Photo by Abbie Parr.

According to Pineda Soracá, the increase of $50,000 for traditions and programming is to encourage student engagement and increase the ability of the department to put on large-scale programs.

The increase of $18,000 for the ASCSU travel grant will allow more student organizations to go on trips, Pineda Soracá said.

“Any student organization can apply for the grant for traveling purposes, competitions, or events, if they don’t have the money,” Pineda Soracá said. “The money used to run out in November. Hopefully this money will impact more students so they can travel nationally and locally.”

Pineda Soracá attributed the increase of $1,500 for health to the mental health committee.

“(This committee will) bringing intersectionality in how we go about addressing mental health,” Pineda Soracá said.

The decrease in payroll is attributed to not requiring the speaker pro tempore to work over the summer, 2016-2017 ASCSU Vice President Mike Lensky said.

Pineda Soracá and Lensky were officially sworn in Wednesday night, along with their cabinet and the new senators.

2016-2017 ASCSU Budget

Payroll: $251,275 (decrease of $19,168)

  • Summer speaker pro tempore: $115 (decrease from $1,200)
  • Fall speaker pro tempore: $4545 (decrease from $6,000)
  • Parliamentarian, Senate outreach officer, Senate Membership officer, three senate committee chairs: $1515 each (increase $15)

Office of the president: $31,000


  • Retreats: $16,000
  • Homecoming: $2,000
  • Travel and convention: $6,000

Finance: $200

Office of the VP: $3,500

  • Student fee review board: $2,500
  • Discretionary: $500
  • Reserve: $500

Marketing: $23,000 (increase $5,000)

  • Shirts: $3,000
  • Discretionary: $20,000 (increase $5,000)

State and Local Policy: $18,250 (increase $1,500)

  • Day at the capital: $1,250
  • Lobbyist: $13,000
  • Reserve: $3,000 (increase $2,000)

Traditions and Programming: $99,500 (increase $55,000)

  • Department services: $6,000 (increase $4,000)
  • Forever Green Shirts: $10,500
  • Homecoming float grant: $1,000
  • Traditions book co-sponsor: $1,000
  • Traditions and programming pilot programs: $50,000 (increase $50,000)

Outreach: $7,000 (decrease $1,500)

Environmental affairs: $4,000 (increase $2,000 for discretionary)

Health: $5,300 (increase $1,500 for mental health committee)

Diversity and Inclusion: $3,000 

University Affairs: $1,000 (increase $500 for fall college council round table)

Academics: $13,000

  • Course surveys: $6,500 held in case ASCSU re-funds.

Office Supplies: $13,700

Supreme Court: $6,000 (increase $500 for reserve)

Senate: $6,000 

Senate general: $1,534,182 (increase $131,094)

  • ASCSU travel grant: $30,000 (increase $18,000)
  • Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation: $585,711 (increase $27,891)
  • Discretionary: $108,332
  • Fund balance: $120,000

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