Ted Cruz wins the day: Texas senator wins all four Colorado districts, loses 2 alternate delegates to Trump.

Erin Douglas

In a packed hallway and overflowing ballrooms, over 3,000 Colorado republican delegates gathered between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in Colorado Springs to pick delegates to attend the Republican National Convention. Ted Cruz took an overwhelming majority of the delegates Friday, leaving only two alternate delegates to Donald Trump and shutting out John Kasich. Cruz is expected to attend the second day of the convention tomorrow.

Cruz won all four of the districts that met today, took all the pledged delegates, as well as several un-pledged delegates who committed to supporting him.


Colorado Senator Ted Harvey attributed the Cruz’s success to the organization of the campaign in Colorado.

“We were, without a doubt, the most organized campaign in Colorado this year,” Harvey said. “It’s a well-organized and well-oiled machine. We’ve swept everything all day long.”

In the second congressional district, which includes Larimer County, part of Boulder County, Jefferson County and Broomfield County, Ted Cruz took one pledged delegate, Robert Woodward, of the three. The other two, Michael Mcalpine and Marty Neilson, are un-pledged, but said they would support Cruz. Alternate Delegates for the second congressional district included two pledged to Cruz, John Bliss and John Edward Toomey III, and one un-pledged but committed to Cruz, Rick Fernandez.

“We need a president who can articulate the principles of our founding fathers, and we need a president who can lead us back to liberty,” Woodward said while speaking to the second congressional district.

The fourth congressional district’s meeting significantly delayed the progression of the day when it went about two hours over schedule. In attempt to keep the process moving, the second congressional district moved the meeting outside to a small courtyard.

“I was surprised that we overwhelmed the facility,” said Jim Anderson, a delegate for Larimer County supporting John Kasich. “Everybody is kind of surprised at the (lack of) parking.”

“Cruz is very popular here,” Anderson said. “Once we free up all those people that are obligated by their state primary to support Trump, I think half the Trump delegates are going to bolt because they’re not really supporters.”


The Colorado Republican Party will meet Saturday at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs to select the remaining 13 delegates and 13 alternate delegates.

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