Red Whistle Brigade accepting student submissions for zine

Hannah Ditzenberger

Activism takes many forms — students chalk the plaza in support of their favorite political candidate, speak out in classes against prejudice and stand on the stump to share their ideas. However, Colorado State University junior Rose Bork said she believes that all students, even those who may be uncomfortable with other mediums, need an outlet to express their perspectives too.

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To do this, Bork is creating a short magazine, called a zine, in honor of April, sexual assault awareness month. The zine will feature students’ art and writing and will address sexual assault, race and gender issues and victim advocacy. Bork will accept submissions for the publication until April 8. Submissions can be emailed to or delivered to the WGAC office, located in room 234 of the Lory Student Center. 

“Writing and creating art is a source of activism,” Bork said. “It’s a way for students who don’t want to be loud to make a difference.”

Bork said that she plans to title the zine, which will be produced by the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) on April 18, “R.E.D.: Rebel. Educate. Dismantle.”

“I think where art and activism meet is a really beautiful place,” Bork said. “It’s where I want this zine to live.” 

The WGAC plans to publish 500 copies of the zine, which will be distributed throughout campus, Olson said. Students can attend a release party at the Ramskellar at 6 p.m. on April 18. 

Bork is a member of the Red Whistle Brigade, a student subset of the WGAC that, according to its website, focuses on spreading awareness of interpersonal violence. The group, which consists of 10 paid students, speaks to orientation groups, classes and other local organizations about sexual consent. All of the students involved are required to take classes in the women’s studies department, Bork said.

Carl Olson, program coordinator for men’s programming and violence prevention at the WGAC, is the supervisor of the Red Whistle Brigade. He said that brigade has been trying to develop creative ways to connect with the university population.

“The zine is the perfect way to do this,” Olson said.

In addition to producing the zine, the brigade will distribute T-shirts, tea and other treats on the plaza during April to raise awareness about consent, Olson said.

“We’re critiquing the system and trying to make campus a safe space for students,” Olson said. “We want to encourage critical thought.”


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