BillHero offers chance to win $100 for users of new bill payment app

Pamela Shapiro

Paying bills is a hassle that many students at Colorado State University face. An extra $100 could help make paying these utility bills less of a burden. Simply downloading the BillHero app, which helps to sort and organize bill payments, gives students the chance to win this money.

According to Carmelo Mannino, who is responsible for strategic partnerships and growth at BillHero, simply paying your bills through the app makes a user eligible to win $100.


“How you get the $100 is, you basically become one of our champs,” Mannino said. “A champ is someone that pays two or more bills a month using BillHero. So if your household pays their bills through BillHero, you basically get randomly selected and each of you receives $100.”

BillHero is about more than winning money, though, Mannino said, as it is their goal to make users financially smarter.

“Other similar applications are mostly just calculators,” Mannino said. “We actually pay Comcast and DirecTV and other billers. It really is as simple as paying two or more bills with BillHero and then being randomly chosen to receive $100 for each individual paying a bill.”

Chief executive officer Dan Holt said that BillHero is unique as a payment avenue that rewards college students.

“BillHero gives you the ability to split any bill and pay it,” Holt said. “It organizes all of your bills and if you’re in college, it’s really the first time you start dealing with bills once you get off campus. So what it does is, instead of paying the way that your parents paid, with paper and checks, it uses the power of the smartphone.”

According to Daryl Webster, chief happiness officer, utilizing technology really helps make paying bills a less-painful process.

“You don’t have to mess with trying to pay your roommate’s portion of the bill — it can all just be done in the app and then you don’t have to worry about it any more,” Webster said.

Collegian Reporter Pamela Shapiro can be reached at or on Twitter @pb_shapiro.