The (Blank) Monologues at CSU

Allec Brust

Colorado State University has many different clubs and organizations that put on theatrical productions. This week, multiple diversity groups on campus have teamed up to put on The (Blank) Monologues, a collection of pieces that will be preformed at the LSC theater on Friday and Saturday.

Elizabeth Schweinzger, an actor in the show, said it is focused on outlining subjects that are hard to talk about in school and are not often talked about in the classroom.


“The show takes subjects that are taboo, things that are not talked about but should be,” Schweinzger said.  “There’s monologues about racial identity, sexual assault, sexual identity and other things people don’t talk about in their day to day life.”

Unlike other plays, this unique production will be a compilation of many different monologues brought to life. Its producer, Bailey Cross, said it will be both entertaining and a learning

“Many of our cast members have penned their own experiences and will be delivering them as monologues,” Cross said. “We will have brief snip-its (and) videos with facts about some of these lived experiences.”

Performances will range from entertaining and funny to heartbreaking and emotional. Chris Willenbrock, the show’s director, said the audience will learn more than anything from the show.

“For many students, these experiences will seem counter to their own which is why it’s crucial for them to attend,” Willenbrock said, “listening to our cast’s narratives and watching them display amazing bravery and vulnerability is sure to be a powerful learning experience for everyone.”

In addition to the diverse theatrical content, all the money raised from ticket sales will go toward supporting two non-profit organizations in the community, Crossroads Safehouse and iEmpathize.

“Crossroads Safe House is the largest shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Colorado,” Cross said. “iEmpathize is working to educate people about human trafficking to decrease the supply as well as demand while also working with survivors to exit the situation and get back on their feet.”

The show is sponsored by the following groups: The Puksta Foundation at CSU, the Women and Gender Advocacy Center, PRAXIS, theCenter for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, the Women and Gender CollaborativeSLiCEUnited Women of Color, the Campus Feminist Alliance ,Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity and Students United for Reproductive Justice.

It will take place Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at both 4 and 7 p.m. Student tickets are $5 and community member tickets are $10. For more information, visit

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