Students reconsider spring break trips because of high costs

Pamela Shapiro

Students seek solace from the stress of their studies during spring break, whether it is a week of partying at the beach or relaxing in the mountains. However, many students may be worried that their ideal spring break trip is not be within their price range, leaving some questioning whether or not it is worth it to invest so much money into such a short trip.

Grace Hancock, a senior double majoring in communications and history, said she is not going to be traveling anywhere over break. She believes airlines start to get even more expensive due to the number of people traveling at the same time.


“People will still pay for the trip they want,” Hancock said. “It also depends on where you are going. … It would be nicer if the costs were lower, but I can’t see that happening without a good reason.”

Anna Insy, a senior environmental health major, agreed that airline prices are expensive for college students. Although she said she is not planning traveling anywhere for spring break, she saw how pricy tickets were when she traveled over winter break.

“I thought tickets were high because everyone was traveling to visit families and friends,” Insy said.

Among the thoughts and feelings students have about airline prices being high, Nicole Patterson, a senior studying family and consumer sciences, said she believes fees have actually gone down for most of the bigger airports.

“I think flying to certain areas is getting ridiculously pricey, such as smaller airports,” Patterson said. “I still think (airline fees) are a little pricey, but not as bad as they used to be.”

Patterson said travel costs really depend on where you’re traveling to, but that she likes the idea of all-inclusive vacations.

“Being a broke college student definitely has an impact on purchasing any flight,” Patterson said. “Personally, I would be more likely to do an all-inclusive deal because it’s ultimately way cheaper. Other than that, I’m not sure that it’s worth going on an extravagant spring break trip.”

According to Hancock, if students avoid popular destinations, there are ways to save money.

“Texas, Mexico and Florida are going to be expensive because they are popular spring break destinations,” Hancock said. “Doing research as well as finding unique vacation spots may help students who are frustrated or worried about finances.”

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