Ineligible ASCSU vice president candidate replaced, campaigns push forward after uncertain start

Erin Douglas

The campaign season for the Associated Students of Colorado State University’s president and vice president campaigns began with an uncertain future.

Three campaigns were initially announced before spring break, but Senator Sarah Bruce’s campaign disbanded quickly after announcing as a result of Bruce’s distrust in the organization to protect her first amendment rights. In an email to the Collegian, Bruce wrote that she made the decision not to run based on faith.


“I don’t expect this institution to protect any students that have public opinions that contrast those of the administration,” Bruce wrote. “Furthermore, it’s the hurt that has resulted from this institutional failure that has kept me out of the campaign.”

Daniela Pineda Soracá’s campaign was nearly dissolved yesterday after running mate Timothy Curry was found ineligible for the position based on a constitutional grade point average requirement.

Deputy Chief of Staff Ashley Higgin’s campaign with running mate Steven La Solla, the ASCSU director of outreach, continues to move forward in their efforts.

However, as of today, Higgin’s campaign yet again finds itself in company with Pineda Soracá, but with a new running mate.

The Pineda Soracá campaign quickly replaced Curry with Mike Lensky, the current senate membership officer for ASCSU. Prior to Curry’s ineligibility, the Pineda Soracá campaign was the only campaign without an official connection to the student organization, which allocates nearly $2.5 million in student fees each year.

However, the Pineda Soracá campaign may face another constitutional violation in the future as a result of the change, since the constitution requires the single ticket for president and vice president candidates to be submitted by the Friday before spring break.

The Pineda Soracá campaign has confirmed that they will continue to run, but no official comment regarding the replacement of the running mate has been made at this time.

Collegian ASCSU Reporter Erin Douglas can be reached at or on Twitter @erinmdouglas23.