Higgins campaign fined $25, potential logo problem for Pineda Soracá

Erin Douglas

The Ashley Higgins campaign, with vice presidential candidate Steven Losolla, was fined $25 today by the ASCSU elections committee for missing the submission deadline for a donations and expenditures report. Reports are submitted biweekly to detail how much campaigns have spent throughout the election process. Presidential campaigns may spend up to $1,250.

The Higgins campaign missed the deadline for one of their donations and expenditures reports because they did not have any expenses for that report’s time period. After being informed of the missed deadline on Tuesday, the Higgins campaign submitted the report by Wednesday, two days after the initial Monday deadline. 


The committee decided that they would fine the campaign with a major violation in order to “remind” all candidates that donation and expense reports are a necessary component of the election process. A majority of the committee members said that the reports are an important tool for the elections committee when evaluating the legitimacy of campaigns.

The Pineda Soracá campaign has not yet been fined, but their campaign logo was evaluated by the elections committee today to determine if it was in violation of the elections code. The committee decided that the logo should be submitted to the CSU graphic standards department in order to determine its eligibility to be used as campus communications. 

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