FoCo Band Write Minded speaks to growth & living the dream

Saruh Fenton

Catch Write Minded today in the Ramskellar at 3:15 p.m. and 4:15 p.m.

It’s five minutes after three and I’m about to sit down with Write Minded, a Fort Collins band whose music, by their own admission, doesn’t truly fit into any one genre. I have to admit I’m a little intimidated to speak with them. I’ve been following this band for a few months now; not only are the individual members massively talented, but since the band’s conception a year ago, they’ve swiftly become popular on the local music circuit having played everything from house parties, to the main stage at New West Fest, to opening for People Under the Stairs at the Aggie Theater.            


We’re meeting at Nuance Chocolate, a quiet shop on Pine Street specializing in all things hot chocolate. I laugh as I over hear Sam Mouton, a vocalist for the band, say something to the effect of not being a fan of any crazy flavor combinations. Write Minded is known for having a musical style that represents just that; a seemingly eclectic combination of styles that somehow meld together seamlessly, with the perfect touch of groove, passion, and funk.


The current seven-piece band started out as a two-piece, acoustic, hip-hop duo consisting of Mouton and Jesse Neth. After playing a few shows, the two agreed they need a bigger sound, and brought in Jonah Greene on drums, Forrester Tamkun on guitar, Jarod Ford on bass, Wilson Slaughter on keys/synth leading to a  fusion band based loosely on funk, reggae, rock, and hip hop. Remy Szekely is the band’s go-to guy for everything from sound engineering to marketing, and according to the rest of the guys is a pinnacle component of Write Minded.  

The name fits the band well given that Write Minded is known for having a provocative lyrical style. According to Mouton, the name Write Minded fits the band well for the creative energy they all share, their steady flow, and provocative lyrical style.

“We all have a really good ear… I’ve never felt like somebody in the band wouldn’t bring something dope to whatever we were doing,” Slaughter said.

While the band doesn’t quite have one philosophy that binds them together, Szekely said it best “It’s definitely the love for being up there [on stage], and being able to see people’s enjoyment. It’s the best feeling in the world, if I could do that everyday, I would.”

Although the band has played numerous times locally, according to Slaughter, they were particularly inspired as a group after playing The Colorado Music Party, a showcase created by a Fort Collins music non-profit, SpokesBUZZ, in Austin, TX during the SXSW festival last year.  “After that, it just kind of kicked everybody off, we were just all super inspired to make it happen,” said Slaughter.

The band thrives on risk and reward, and although they’ve overcome a lot in their short life span, for most of them, the ride has defined not only who they are as musicians, but who they are as individuals as well.

Like Slaughter, Mouton felt the SXSW trip was a turning point. He said it ultimately showed him they had something special to offer.  “We realized what music could give us as people, and what we could give to other people. It put us into gear to do whatever it takes to get the next show, write the next song, and record the next album,” he concluded.


Along with being seriously dedicated musicians, the guys in Write Minded are some intense dreamers as well. Hoping to play Red Rocks sometime in the future, the band remains goal oriented, and focuses on everything from making it to their practice later this evening to playing tours overseas in the next several years.


He added that while their success has a lot to do with how well the group jives together, it’s also largely based on the environment they all come from.


“Last year was really cool because we formed our style, I think everything that helped with that had a lot to do with this town [Fort Collins].” Mouton explained.


While the band is dedicated to progressing as musicians, they are equally as serious about having fun while doing so. “We do have our fun, don’t get us wrong,” said Mouton with a grin.  “We get together every week to just forget about our day jobs, to remember we have a better purpose than that shit,” said Slaughter. Having just celebrated what Slaughter dubbed as their band-aversary, the band has a lot coming up, including the release of their first full length album, the premiere of their first music video, and the many shows they’ll be playing around town in the coming months.

As part of the LSC Live program, Write Minded is set to play the ‘Skellar today at 3:15 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. The band will also be opening for Boulder based group Whiskey Blanket around 9 p.m. Saturday night at Hodi’s Half Note. Write Minded invites one and all to both shows, while the show at the ‘Skellar is free, their Saturday night show costs $5.


The band is excited to be playing on campus once again, and cautions students not to come if they want to get homework done. “It’s something unique, that is inviting for people of all music tastes,” explained Slaughter.


“Expect loud music. If you want to party in the middle of the afternoon, come chill with us. Have a beer if you want to rock,” Mouton said.


“We’ve had great feedback, the people who have listened in without even knowing what’s going on are always like ‘oh yeah that’s awesome,” added Szekely about past ‘Skellar shows they’ve played in the past.


Jesse Neth: Minds-I (Vocals)

Wilson Slaughter: Willy Mammoth (Keys/Synth)

Jonah Greene: Teenage Mutant Ginja Jonah(Drums)

Remy Szekely: The Remy-D (remedy)

Jarod Ford: Turtle Bear (Bass Slayer)

Sam Mouton: Plenti’ Rhymes – just call me Sam (Vocals)

Forrester: The Electric Force (Guitar)


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