Podcast: Campaign volunteers debate Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton before Super Tuesday

Caitlin Curley

On Tuesday, Colorado voters will participate in caucuses to determine the Democratic nominee for the 2016 elections. Colorado is one of 11 states holding primaries on what is known as Super Tuesday, a point in the primaries that holds significant sway for the eventual selection of the nominee.


All around the state, volunteers for the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns are canvasing door to door, trying their best to drag weary voters out of their homes tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. to participate in their local caucus and help determine the nominee. 

Sanders campaign volunteer Zack Burley and Clinton volunteer Shane Coltrin squared off for a Rocky Mountain Student Media podcast discussion on the merits of each candidate.

For more information about your local caucus and how to intend, visit http://www.justvotecolorado.org/.

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