In third primary win, Trump takes Nevada caucus with early lead

Sady Swanson

In his third win so far this primary season, Donald Trump won the Nevada Republican caucus Tuesday night with a 20-point lead with just 9 percent reporting.

“We will be celebrating for a long time tonight,” Trump said in his 9-minute victory speech in a ballroom at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 


The announcement that Trump won came from CNN seconds after polls closed in Nevada. He was up by 17 points with only 5 percent reporting.

“We weren’t expected to win this one, now we’re winning, winning, winning the country,” Trump said. “And soon, the country is going to start winning, winning, winning.”

Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally in north Las Vegas the eve of the Nevada caucus, where he won by a large margin. (Photo by: Erik Petrovich.)
Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally in north Las Vegas the eve of the Nevada caucus, where he won by a large margin.
(Photo by: Erik Petrovich.)

Trump talked about the future of his campaign, saying that his numbers look good for states like Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Michigan. He said he is leading in Ohio as well, which is where fellow presidential candidate John Kasich is currently the governor.

“We are beating the governor,” Trump said.

Over the next two months, Trump said he plans to win many of the states.

“We might not even need the two months (to get enough delegates),” Trump said. “(Political pundits) keep forgetting that when people drop out, we’re going to get a lot of votes.”

Trump thanked his campaign’s volunteers as well as his sons, who have done a lot of campaigning for him around the state this week in preparation for the caucus. He also mentioned they are members of the National Rifle Association.

“We love the second amendment, folks,” Trump said. “Nobody loves it more than us.”

Trump referenced his business-like strategy for the U.S., saying that he plans to use his experience being “greedy” as a businessman to help the country.


“Now we’re going to get greedy for the United States,” Trump said. 

With not all precincts reporting, Trump was winning many different demographic areas. According to The Atlantic, Trump won 44 percent of the Latino vote, a demographic that made up 9 percent of the total voters. The Latino vote was highly sought after in this race, since Nevada is the first voting state to have a large Latino population.

Trump said he won with the young, old, well-educated and poorly-educated.

“I love the poorly-educated,” Trump said. “They’re the smartest people and the most loyal people.”

Trump thanked the crowd and his supporters, saying that he loves Las Vegas and all of Nevada.

“I’ve invested a lot of money here,” Trump said. “The people are amazing. The enthusiasm, it’s incredible.”

Trump did not touch on much policy in his victory speech, probably because he spent a little over half an hour talking about it the night prior in south Las Vegas. He did bring up his plan to build the wall at the border of Mexico and the United States. 

“We’re going to have our borders nice and strong, and we’re going to build that wall,” Trump said. “I have a lot of respect for Mexico. … They are going to pay for the wall, believe me. I’ll talk to them, and they’ll be thrilled to pay for it.”

Going into Super Tuesday, Trump has a sizable lead over his opponents. Currently, Trump has 67 delegates and Cruz and Rubio are following with 11 and 10 delegates, respectively.

“You’re going to be proud of your president, and you’re going to be even prouder of your country,” Trump said. “I’m very proud of you. This is an amazing night. I love the country.”

Video by Anthony Peltier. 

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