Dancing Bernie Sanders brings political awareness to Plaza

Allec Brust

On Wednesday from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., you might have noticed Bernie Sanders chatting with students and busting a move in the Lory Student Center Plaza.

“Dancing Bernie” is actually Colorado State University student Rachael Martel in a wig. Rachael is a political science major and Bernie Sanders supporter who teamed up with Rams for Bernie and used her outgoing personality to her advantage. She dressed as Bernie himself and danced around the plaza in an effort to raise political awareness around campus.


International Studies junior, Rachel Martel dances on the Colorado State University student plaza Wednesday. Martel was trying to encourage all whom walked by to vote. (Photo by: Megan Fischer)
Rachel Martel, a junior international studies major, dances on the Lory Student Center Plaza Wednesday. Martel was trying to encourage all who walked by to vote. (Photo credit: Megan Fischer.)

“I always see people advertising for businesses all the time, so why not advertise ideas?” Martel said. “People sometimes take politics too seriously, whereas humor reels people in and makes them interested so you don’t have to chase them down.”

Although Rachael/Bernie was the main event, she had help organizing “bust a move for Bernie” from the student-run organization, Rams for Bernie.

Members of Rams for Bernie, William Clem and Jan Van Vleet, believe that interactive advertising is the key to getting students involved in politics.

“We are very important to reaching the student population,” said Clem, a sophomore sociology major. “Our main goal in that is finding creative ways to get people involved in politics and maximize youth involvement.”

This semester, one of Rams for Bernie’s main priorities is finding registered Democrats to convince them to vote for Bernie, Van Vleet said. 

“I think if students were just walking by and we had only had pamphlets and didn’t have music and flare, that people wouldn’t be interested,” said Van Vleet, a senior rangeland ecology major. “When we have all the flare and music and everything, people are going to stop and talk to us a little more.”

Rams for Bernie will be tabling in the Plaza this semester trying to gain support for Bernie Sanders as well as generally educating students about politics. To learn more about their cause and when they will be in the Plaza, visit their website.

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