Bring on the craft crowd: Hughes Stadium liquor license expanded

Collegian Staff

Instead of a beer with 3.2-percent-capped alcohol, the next beer you have at Hughes Stadium may well be craft and have double the booze content.

Larimer County Commissioners voted for an alteration to Colorado State University’s liquor policy at Hughes Stadium that would allow for beers beyond what was previously available under state-mandated laws.


According to the Coloradoan, CSU athletic director Joe Parker emphasized that although this allows the stadium to sell all types of liquor throughout the stadium, the University only intends to use it to begin selling “regular” beer.

“I can’t be any more clear that this is not a move to sell spirits on the concourse level,” CSU athletic director Parker was quoted as saying in a Coloradoan article. “We just want to vend regular beer vs. 3.2.”

All three commissioners voted in favor of the change, according to the Coloradoan article, which will be in effect for Hughes’ final season but will not necessarily impact the new stadium. The stadium that is currently under construction on CSU’s campus will be under Fort Collins Police Service’s jurisdiction, while Hughes falls under the Larimer County Sheriff’s jurisdiction.

Hughes Stadium police states that “alcohol service will be controlled very closely” with a limit to one beer per customer, no sales to people who are visibly intoxicated, ID check-in stands and no beer sales during the second half of the game. 

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