UPDATE:Pi Kappa Alpha responds to disaffiliation with CSU

Caitlin Curley

Update (12/4 10 a.m.):

Pi Kappa Alpha has sent a statement to the Collegian responding to their recent disaffiliation with the University.


Preston Nimtz, president of the Epsilon Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, explained the nature of the incidents which prompted the disaffiliation.

“Pike’s University recognition was pulled due to patterns of conduct inconsistent with Fraternity and University values,” Nimtz wrote. “Specific incidents include hazing allegations related to new members participating in a scavenger hunt meant to build comradely between the new member class and an incident of one new member drinking underage at a party.”

Nimtz said that the chapter has decided to appeal CSU’s decision to disaffiliate the fraternity.

“As a result of these allegations Pike was required to complete sanctions imposed by Student Conduct Services, all of which the chapter leadership had accomplished,” Nimtz wrote. “Pike understands the need for culture change within the organization and has shown willingness to both the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the University. However, culture change does not come quickly and the University fails to understand this.”

CSU has not treated the fraternity the same way it has others, according to Nimtz.

“Conduct results imparted on Pike have not been consistent with results given to other student organizations,” Nimtz wrote. “The escalation of these results has not allowed Pike the amount of time necessary to facilitate a culture conducive to the realignment of fraternal values.”

Pike is currently waiting on CSU’s decision regarding the appeal. Nimtz said that the fraternity’s goal remains to build character for their members and not to harm them.

Original story:

Colorado State University has withdrawn recognition of Pi Kappa Alpha as a University fraternity for the second time in a decade, this time after only two years.

The disaffiliation resulted from three separate incidents of hazing behaviors and alcohol violations starting in October 2014, according to Jody Donovan, assistant vice president for Student Affairs and dean of students.


The University imposed sanctions and educational requirements after each incident occurred, and now has made the decision to withdraw recognition of Pi Kappa Alpha. The fraternity can appeal CSU’s decision before Nov. 23.

“The university will not tolerate hazing behavior among any student organization,” Donovan wrote in a statement to the Collegian. “It is unacceptable and is harmful to our students, our culture and our university. We will continue to hold individuals and organizations responsible for hazing and high risk behavior.”

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