Interactive graphic: bicycle accidents around Colorado State University since February 2014

Seth Bodine

(Photo credit: Abbie Parr)
(Photo credit: Abbie Parr)

There was a total of 37 bicycle accidents from Feb. 2014 to Nov. 2015 recorded by the Colorado State University Police Department. 

Alternative Transportation Manager Aaron Fodge said most bicycle accidents that involve two bicycles, or a bicycle and a pedestrian, are unreported.


“You know, it’s not like two cars crashing,” Fodge said. “Typically, there’s a police report taken (and) heavy investment, so there’s a little bit more incentive for them to report the accident. Typically, bike on bike, bike on ped, people in the accident just don’t report them as often as they should.”

Fodge encourages students who get caught up in accidents to report them to CSUPD. 

If a biker receives a bicycle safety violation, they have the option to attend a bicycle safety seminar. Those who attend the seminar will have their fine reduced by half if they pass the test. However, if they fail to attend the seminar, the original fine doubles.

All bicycles ridden or parked at CSU are required to be registered at a cost of $10 at the CSUPD.

Below is an interactive map showing where the incidents happened and if the bicycle accidents involved another bicycle, a car, a pedestrian or if they were individual accidents, according to data provided by the CSUPD. The map also states whose fault the accident was considered.

A total of 23 bicycle accidents since Feb. 2014 were between a bike and a car. Of those accidents, 12 were considered the car’s fault. 

Since Feb. 2014, six crashes involved two bikes. There were six individual bike accidents, where the fault was undetermined.

Of all the accidents since Feb. 2014, a fault was not determined for nine of them.


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Graphic by Diego Hoyos.

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