By the numbers: College of Health and Human Sciences

Caroline Kozak

(Graphic by Mariah Wenzel)
(Graphic by Mariah Wenzel)

The second largest college at Colorado State University is the College of Health and Human Sciences with 5,353 students enrolled in fall 2015, according to the CSU’s Institutional Research.

The College of Health and Human Sciences consists of eight separate departments: the Department of Construction Management, the Department of Design and Merchandising, the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, the Department of Health and Exercise Science, the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, the Department of Occupational Therapy, the School of Education and the School of Social Work.


“I believe our departments do an exceptional job preparing students for life after graduation, in part because many of our academic programs are accredited programs that prepare graduates for a professional career,” said Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences Jeff McCubbin. 

An average of 60 percent of students in the College of Health and Human Sciences were employed upon graduation in 2014, according to the CSU First Destination Report. Graduates in the spring 2014 class earned an average starting salary of $44,523, according to the CSU First Destination Report.

“One hallmark of the College of Health and Human Sciences is the varied and impressive service learning and community engagement opportunities,” McCubbin said. “These help provide a framework for students to understand how to be successful in their communities, as well as their professions.”

In addition, 25 percent of graduates in that class continued their education.

“Our programs do an exceptional job of preparing some students to go on into graduate schools,” McCubbin said, adding that more than 9 out of 10 graduates had their plans secured before graduating.

The College of Health and Human Sciences has the third-highest female-to-male gender ratio, as 65.5 percent of students identify as female in fall 2015.

Students in this college said they share an interest for helping others and contributing to a collective well-being. 

“I chose to study social work because I’ve always had a passion for helping people who may have gone through similar situations I’ve encountered in my life,”  said Samantha Tolman, a freshman studying social work.

In the most recent total calculated, an average of 63 percent of students from this college obtained an internship over the course of their college career. Tolman said she is working to find an internship once she has a stronger idea of the specific area of social work she wants to pursue.

“Our faculty, students and alumni are committed to improving the health and well-being of people, environments and communities and changing lives,” said Gretchen Gerding, Director of Communications for the College of Health and Human Sciences. “We have a diverse college.”  


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