ASCSU senate briefs: sexual harassment training, Holocaust awareness funding, textbook affordability

Erin Douglas

Sexual harassment training

The Associated Students of Colorado State University senate unanimously passed Resolution #4512 to require all members of the legislative branch to complete sexual harassment training online.


“While sometimes we may disagree with each other and have some conflict, one thing that we should not have to experience is sexual harassment,” Senator Filipp Dedogryuk said. “We are faced with an internal problem: An environment that makes people feel so unwelcome that they resign.”

The legislation comes after some members of ASCSU resigned this semester. Dedogryuk spoke with the Office of Equal Opportunity for advice on the type of training to require of the legislative branch. The training will be the same online training that employees of CSU must complete.

Textbook affordability

ASCSU passed a resolution to support incentivizing professors to meet textbook deadlines to the CSU Bookstore. When professors decide which textbook they will use for their course, they place an order with the Bookstore. If professors meet the first deadline for orders, the CSU Bookstore has the greatest chance of bargaining with textbook companies to get the lowest price possible, according to the resolution.

For the fall 2015 semester, about 25 percent of the textbook orders were received by the first due date, according to Resolution #4508. There is currently no punishment for missing the deadline, nor incentive to meet the deadline.

Landscape Architecture Days funding

The ASCSU passed a bill to fund the Landscape Architecture Days event in April. The organization will allocate $9,030.20 of their $2.4 million budget in 2015-2016 to the Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects for the event.

LA Days is a lecture series with world-renowned speakers in the landscape architecture field where they will give unique and original speeches, according to the funding application. The event will occur from April 11 to April 14.

Holocaust Awareness Week funding

ASCSU passed a bill to fund the Holocaust Awareness Week event in February. The organization will allocate $12,600 to the Students for Holocaust Awareness for the Holocaust Awareness Week.


The event will occur Feb. 19 to Feb. 26 and will include a Holocaust survivor as the keynote speaker. The events will raise awareness about the Holocaust through individual stories, according to the funding application.

“We live in an era that there are people that would like to deny that the holocaust happened,” Senator Josh Williams said. “We need to keep this memory alive. We need to educate people about how it happened.”

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