ASCSU Senate briefs: director of athletics, parliamentarian, mental health

Erin Douglas

Guest Speaker: Joe Parker, Director of Athletics

Colorado State University Director of Athletics Joe Parker spoke to the Associated Students of Colorado State University Senate Wednesday to encourage the organization to increase student involvement at sporting events. 


(Photo courtesy of ASCSU.)
(Photo courtesy of ASCSU.)

“Engagement (from the students) is a necessary ingredient to the long term success of our department (Athletics),” Parker said. 

Creating a community of engagement will promote the University’s growth as a whole, Parker said.

“I want to get the right dialogue going to get students to participate,” Parker said. “I don’t want to wait until 2016 to increase participation. I want to think of ways we can jumpstart that culture.”

Creating a culture of participation at sporting events will lead to an enhanced student experience, Parker said. Parker said the first four football games had a large student attendance, but at the last two games of the season, student attendance dropped dramatically.

Parker encouraged ASCSU to use increased student communication tactics such as reaching out on social media platforms. 

Regarding the stadium, Parker said the on campus presense of a stadium will increase student and alumni engagement. Alumni hardly ever return to the physical campus, but sometimes attend football games, he said, the stadium being located off campus creates a separation of experience for these alumni.

“The stadium is not a new shiny object for the athletic department, it’s a principle engagement object for higher education,” Parker said.

New Parliamentarian

ASCSU senate voted for a new parliamentarian to fill the position that has been open for the past two senate sessions after Kelsey Bigham resigned Nov. 11.

The parliamentarian position will now be filled by Timothy Miller, a political science junior.


“I have a deep knowledge of procedure,” Miller said. “I want to cultivate a love of procedure (in Senate). Legal writing is inherently intriguing to me.”

ASCSU moves forward with adding a mental health resources statement to CSU syllabi

ASCSU Senate passed Resolution #4507 to officially support adding a mental health resources statement at the end of the syllabus in all courses Nov. 18 at the senate session before fall break. 

“Suicide is a huge issue and it is so stigmatized,” said Spencer Nolan, senator and author of the bill. “There needs to be a conversation about it, and I think this is a big step.”

ASCSU hopes to influence professors to add the following statement to their syllabi in the future:

“Need Help? CSU is a community that cares for you. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol and/or experiencing depression, anxiety, overwhelming stress or thoughts of hurting yourself or others please know there is help available. Counseling Services has trained professionals who can help. Contact 970-491-6053 or go to If you are concerned about a friend or peer, tell someone by calling 970-491-1350 to discuss your concerns with a professional who can discreetly connect the distressed individual with the proper resources ( Rams take care of Rams. Reach out and ask for help if you or someone you know is having a difficult time.”

The statement was written and approved by CSU Counseling Services. Nolan plans to speak with the department heads to accomplish ASCSU’s goal of adding this statement to all syllabi.

Currently, there is no requirement for professors to include a section regarding mental health resources and services in their course syllabi.

Collegian ASCSU Beat Reporter Erin Douglas can be reached at or on Twitter @erinmdouglas23.