Kathy Sisneros named new assistant vice president for student affairs

Savannah Hoag

Kathy Sisneros will move into her new position Monday as the assistant vice president for student affairs at Colorado State University after serving as director of the Women and Gender Advocacy Center for five years.

Kathy Sisneros will begin her new role as assistant vice president for student affairs Oct. 19. (Photo Credit: Amanda Garcia).
Kathy Sisneros will begin her new role as assistant vice president for student affairs Oct. 19. (Photo credit: Amanda Garcia.)

She is taking over the position from the late Linda Mae Ahuna-Hamill.


“I’m trying to honor her integrity and humor (she put) into the position,” Sisneros said. “The priorities in the leading part of the position is that the assistant vice president for student affairs oversees the diversity and resource centers.”

Sisneros has spent most of her career working in positions related to diversity and social justice, and her new position will allow her continue to that work. 

She will work with the GEAR UP Program, which is designed to help low income, minority and disadvantaged first-generation students and their families gain access to higher education through the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships.

“We have a retention specialist coordinator who works with Colorado Challenge, which is an initiative through our GEAR UP Program and as well as our Academic Advancement Center,” Sisneros said.

Sisneros began working at CSU in September 2010 as the director of the WGAC, which provides resources including a confidential resource for students dealing with the aftermath of sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking or relationship violence.

“I think that the biggest impact that we’ve had so far is our work in the WGAC,” Sisneros said. “I think our ability to engage in healthy relationships, conversations around consent and sexual assault awareness has been huge.”

As she anticipates the work she will be able to do in her new position, Sisneros said the diversity and resource centers have not yet reached their full potential. 

“I think that we haven’t even touched our potential from our diversity offices and some of the initiatives that come out of our cultural resource centers,” Sisneros said. “I’m looking forward to see what collectively we can do in behalf of the students moving forward.”

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