First Democratic debate Tuesday night on CNN

Sady Swanson

Tuesday night the Democratic presidential candidates will debate for the first time this election season.

The debate will air on CNN at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, but can also be viewed on CNN International and CNN en Espanol. Viewers may watch the live stream on CNN’s homepage or the CNN Politics’ live blog. Westward One News will also broadcast the debate live on the radio.


CNN and Facebook are hosting the debate in Las Vegas, with Anderson Cooper as the moderator. Dana Bash and Juan Carlos Lopez will also asking questions.

Viewers may also submit questions through Instagram or Facebook — Don Lemon will be asking those questions.

Hillary Clinton is taking center stage at the debate, with Bernie Sanders on her right and Martin O’Malley on her left. Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee will be on each end. The podium order is based off polling results since Aug. 1, with the highest polling candidate in the middle.

Vice President Joe Biden, who is still deciding whether or not to run for president, will most likely not be joining the other candidates for this debate, according to CNN. However, if he does decide to join, a podium will be placed on stage for him.

CNN is partnering with NextVR to provide the first-ever live stream of a news event in virtual reality. 

Sheryl Crow will perform the National Anthem. 

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