ASCSU to hold open meeting for students to attend to discuss U+2 law

Dallas Head

The Associated Students of Colorado State University have decided to take on the U+2 law this year. To begin discussing the issue with students, staff and faculty, ASCSU will be holding a meeting in their chambers at 2 p.m. Monday.

Recently, ASCSU accepted their resolution Sept. 23, which states that students are being discriminated upon through this law and that a new compromise to benefit all parties needs to be made. Students, families and local government should be part of this conversation.


Edward Kendall, the ASCSU director of community affairs, and the rest of ASCSU, want students to state their opinion, whether it be for or against the law. The meeting in the ASCSU chambers is set up to hear every student’s opinion to create a new proposal to the law to take to the city. 

The U+2 law describes that only one person plus two other non-related people, or one family plus one other non-related person, can live in a residence, no matter the amount of rooms in that residence. 

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