Phoenix Dugger sworn in as vice president of student body

Dallas Head

The Associated Students of Colorado State University officially have a new vice president.

After the resignation of former Vice President Taylor Albaugh in July, Phoenix Dugger picked up the position of interim vice president for the remainder of the summer. He was sworn in as vice president Wednesday evening during the senate session.


Andy Schafer was sworn in as the new Director of University Affairs, Brandon Majmudar as the new Chief of Staff and Katrina Roberts as the new Director of Finance. 

Colorado Representative Jeni Arndt met with ASCSU and answered questions from members. She commented on her willingness to meet with anyone who contacts her about their opinions on bills, or anyone who wants to voice concerns of the Colorado government.

Student Body President Jason Sydoriak gave a small glimpse into what students can expect from their ASCSU representation this year.

“Over the summer, you realize that some initiatives can’t be accomplished,” Sydoriak said. “But, we put priority on some of the more major orders that I want to tackle (this year). Things change. I’m an honest guy about what I said I would do for the school. You can’t get everything done that you want to do, but we will try.”

Some of Sydoriak’s campaign initiatives include establishing a veteran’s task force, creating a citizen review board for the CSUPD and advocating for affordable student housing.

When asked about the qualifications of Dugger, especially with no student vote toward the new vice president, Sydoriak said only positive things.

“I think he’s very qualified,” Sydoriak said. “He was the director of finance, and he will be in charge more of the SFRB (Student Fee Review Board) than the senate this year. But, he has a strong understanding of the senate, especially being the interim VP this summer. He tackled the position well and has definitely proven himself.”

Dugger, when asked about his plans for this upcoming year, made clear that he was here for the office that the students elected.

“I look at both sides of issues,” said Dugger. “My main purpose is to serve the role that the students elected, with Jason and Taylor’s vision. I wasn’t voted in, but I’m here to serve the senate that was voted on by students.”

Collegian ASCSU Reporter Dallas Head can be reached online at or on Twitter at @water4rams.