Co-founder of Lion Guardians speaks at CSU Wednesday

Seth Bodine

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Photos by: Cameron Bumstead.



Leela Hazzah, co-founder of Lion Guardians, will be speaking at Colorado State University at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in Johnson Hall 222. The event will be free to everyone and is open to the public — there are no tickets or reservations required to attend. 

Lion Guardians was formed in 2007 is non-profit conservation organization that focuses on conserving lions through promoting the co-existence of people and lions in Kenya and Tanzania. Their prime focus involves working with the Massai group and other pastoralist people to learn the skills to resolve conflicts between people and wildlife. 

“It’s really about people and lions together,” Hazzah said. “For lions to co-exist, we are going to need people to want them to be there.” 

According to Hazzah, the presentation will be different from the typical academic speech and will be full of a variety of different media. She will talk a little bit about research, her own experiences and about the lions themselves. Hazzah hopes to inspire students through the presentation. 

“A lot of students have a passions for things, they have a drive but they don’t know how to get involved,” Hazzah said. “I hope that through my talk tomorrow I can inspire some people to really take action and make a difference in the world.”

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