ASCSU to bring back graduate student affairs position

Allec Brust

There has not been a position representative of graduate student affairs within the Associated Students of Colorado State University for almost two years now. This year, the organization intends to bring the position back into action in a slightly different way.

According to Deputy Chief of Staff Press Secretary Ashley Higgins, the position of director of graduate student affairs used to be a full-time position until it was eliminated. The position has since been changed to deputy director of graduate student affairs, and it will now be part-time.


“The main struggle with the past position was that grad students were just so busy,” Higgins said. “This year, we have downsized the position to deputy director so it is not a full time position.”

Last year, the ASCSU Senate had two graduate student chair holders, but the number has since fallen to zero. Graduate students are not as interested in student government as ASCSU would like, according to Higgins. She said she believes that will change.

“We have 13 applicants for the position, which is a great turnout,” Higgins said. “We have to get the job ratified by Senate first, and then we will start the process.”

Higgins said the main point of the deputy director of graduate students position is to give graduate students a voice.

“We felt (in these past few years) grad students haven’t been heard, which is why we are bringing the position back again,” Higgins said.

ASCSU is currently in the process of hiring for the new job, and the interview process is just now beginning.

“The ideal candidate will most likely have a background in student government, but good time management skills are important,” said Andy Schafer, director of University Affairs. “They are in graduate school, so they have to manage their time well.”

According to Schafer, the position has seen a great deal of interest from graduate students. At the end of the semester, the position will be reevaluated and assessed to ensure that it is beneficial to ASCSU and that it gives graduate students a voice within student government.

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