ASCSU accepts resolution for U+2 law, meeting to be held with city for discussion

Dallas Head

The Associated Students of Colorado State University approved their resolution pertaining to the U+2 law in a unanimous vote Wednesday evening.

Associated Students of Colorado State University.

This resolution describes ASCSU working toward a compromise with the City of Fort Collins, which may include changing the law to me+3, U+N or any of a variety of alternatives. ASCSU states in the resolution that this compromise will help alleviate the discrimination being felt by students as a result of this rule.


ASCSU called out to the city and will be hosting a hall meeting at 2 p.m. Oct. 5 in the ASCSU senate chambers of the Lory Student Center to discuss the future of the U+2 law with students. 

“It’s really important that we have a stake in this,” said Jessica Teal, a co-author of the resolution. “We want to provide that stance for students, and we want to provide that additional education for those who may not be aware of this law.”

Collaboration between students and the city is the main goal of ASCSU regarding this law.

“This is meant to say that this discussion needs to be had,” said Edward Kendall, a collaborator on the resolution. “The City of Fort Collins doesn’t know that there is this much discontent against this bill.”

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