Voice your concerns to ASCSU on RamWeb

Megan Fischer

ASCSU created the Your Voice section on RamWeb to hear students’ concerns about anything from energy usage in the residence halls to construction progress around campus.

Students can now log onto RamWeb and see a rectangular gold bar at the top of their screen. When they click on it, there will be a contact form where they can pick a subject and write a question or concern. The submission will then be sent to the Department of University Affairs.


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 4.32.24 PM“Your Voice is a great way for students to be heard,” said Phoenix Dugger, the interim vice president for ASCSU.

Dugger said ASCSU returned Your Voice to RamWeb with the intention of getting student feedback and addressing student concerns.

“It is a way for students to have an easy portal to give feedback to us (ASCSU) and the administration,” Dugger said. “It is a great way for students to criticize without feeling uncomfortable.”

Your Voice was first introduced to campus in spring as a way for students to deliver their opinions to the University, but it was shut down due to an overflow of responses, said ASCSU Chief of Staff Brandon Majmudar.

“We changed how it is getting pushed through for review,” Majmudar said.

Originally, all comments went directly to the ASCSU front desk. There were too many comments to keep up with, so ASCSU changed the process of receiving those comments.

“RamWeb is a way for a student to voice their concerns to someone who is going to listen,” Majmudar said.

Students can submit comments or questions about any subject to Your Voice, and ASCSU will identify areas of concern on campus, then act accordingly, Majmudar said.

Dugger said students can share things they are upset about, or things that are going well. ASCSU will work toward finding commonalities in student concerns and addressing them.

“We’ve been very busy with responses so far,” Dugger said. “It’s been good to see that students are noticing it and liking it.”
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