University female faculty salary under review

Danny Bishop

Colorado State University has not met its proposed deadline on a planned assessment of female faculty pay inequality, but officials say identifying and repairing any inequity remains a high priority.

In May, University President Tony Frank sent a memo to CSU deans, directors and department heads regarding a gender salary equity investigation to take place summer 2015. Frank said Provost Rick Miranda and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Dan Bush would complete an assessment of all full-time female professors, and receive input from them on whether or not they believe their salary is inequitable based on gender.


Frank said the salary equity review process was to be completed by Aug. 15, but it will now carry over into the fall 2015 semester.

Women faculty subject to salary investigation are full-time professors below the regression line for their position and self-nominated faculty regardless of where their salary lies compared to other department colleagues.

Miranda said review criteria include time in rank, annual merit raise compared to peers and achievement while working at CSU. Review data will be gathered by the department with input from the faculty member being reviewed, if desired.

Data from each review will be presented at a meeting to all department chairs, heads and the dean of each college, a member of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty and those involved in the review process.

Salary deemed inequitable after review is subject to adjustment, according to Miranda.

“The aim of the meeting is to determine if a given individual’s salary, as compared to appropriate peers in the unit, is equitable given that person’s overall achievements at CSU,” Miranda wrote in a press release. “If not, this person will be targeted for a salary adjustment working with the department, college and central administration.”

Miranda said a separate task force is being assembled to identify what criteria should be used in future annual reviews for salary equity.

“(The review process) may take a few weeks here at the beginning of the academic year, but we can’t think of a more important use of our time,” Miranda wrote. “I assure you all that we are making this a high priority.”

Collegian Investigative Manager Danny Bishop can be reached at and on Twitter @DannyDBishop.